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I am an entry-level art director. There is no problem I am incapable of solving with a creative strategy aside from global warming and world peace. The Dos Equis' Most Interesting Man in the World currently "follows" me on Twitter. But enough small talk. This blog is everything that is logo design!

The Last Post

Well, it has been a good run. But the semester is ending and I need to focus on that whole future thing. I think it is only necessary that I direct you to my favorite logo blog so you can continue the fun. http://www.thelogofactory.com/logo_blog/index.php/logo-design-case-study-cowabunga-bay-water-park/#more-16951. The logo factory has tons of great logo-centered posts. They venture through case files and other articles that are much longer and more interesting than my own (even though I know you had a blast on this page). Have fun!


Some teams move.

When a sports team moves, their logo does not. They need to completely revamp their logo to fit the new city where they reside. The New Jersey Nets did just this as they will be moving to Brooklyn at the start of next season. The final logo was finally revealed. Here is the verdict.



Not a bad change if you ask me. Simplicity truly shines here. Though it kind of reminds me of an AAU team logo, I am not going to hate on this. The font is just alright, the shield same is essentially the same, and the colors now match the Spurs but it’s nice that they took pieces of the old and created a much simpler new. Good job Nets. Maybe now you’ll have some revamped talent to go along with it.

App Logos

Because everything is going online and mobile, so will this post. We are all familiar with apps. We interact with them daily. Some more than others. What do they all have in common? They all have icons. So I thought we would review some app logos.

Do you know what logo this is? It is the app for Whole Foods. I like the simplicity of it and really boiling down Whole Foods to its essence BUT I did not recognize it from looking at it. This loss of recognition downgrades the simplicity this app logo provides.

This app logo is for RemotePad where you can control your mouse with your phone. Why you need that, I do not know. I enjoy the moving mouse graphic but from a glance it looks like a bunch of trees in snow.

This has to be a joke. Robert Andrew Salon and Spa was out of their mind when they thought any consumer would be able to read this on a small mobile screen. But not as much of a joke as this next one.

If this app was on my screen, I would quickly delete it even if it turned my phone into a microwave and cooked me meals. If I am scrolling through the app store, I might stop at this one. To Laugh! And then move on.

Haha clever concept. This bathroom locator is pretty funny but the background blue lines flying in at all directions is making it a little bit too crazy for my liking.

Look at your phone and see what icons are done poorly on your phone. Which are done great?


The buzz shall be talked about.

Brands, from brands, from brands. This post is not necessarily about logos as it is about an exciting visual of logos called The Illusion of Choice. So I will post it, let you “awe” about it, and continue with how awesome I think this is.

This allows us to see where all these brands we interact with everyday came from. Truth is, we are not choosing one brand over the other most of the time. The competition sparks sales. These are all smart and successful powerhouses. There is no need to say you cannot have preference for one product over another but all that money and industry is probably dominated by these super corporations. Blows….my….mine. A bit funny that Pepsi owns A&W fast food restaurants, but the A&W soft drink is owned by Kraft. The biggest surprises here for me are detergents, toothpastes, and gum.

This is interesting. I think so. You think so. End of post.

There is a place for everything.

Logos are found on polo shirts, signage, ads, cars, and all other sorts of things. Some are on things that they shouldn’t be. Like a pizza for instance. The National Basketball Association signed a licensing agreement with companies for placing their logos on edible items… Really? Putting a logo of your favorite team on your pizza sounds ridiculous but not as ridiculous as paying 5 extra dollars to do so. Would anybody really do this? Maybe its just me, but eating a logo does not sound appealing, especially ones with unappetizing colors. If an M&M counts, that is probably the only logo I would eat. Instead of me trying to decide how you feel about this, I’ll let you form your own opinions.

Told ya…

Creative blurbs.

So I’ve posted random creative logo examples before. This is not because I cannot think of a blog to right but because I think it is very important to expose the mind to different types of logos. What gets attention and what does not? Color schemes, illustrations, look-and-feel? Lets get weird, cool, and innovative, which are all practically the same thing.

Mr. Couch cracks me up… if that is what they were going for. Hopefully they arn’t a professional furniture company. If so… sorry?

Upcoming assignment

After viewing some of my work, I was approached again to design a logo for an up-and-coming car speaker company. The company is called SoundCannon. To brainstorm, I am going to fill my blog with other sound logos to give me inspiration. Later on in my blog, I will unveil the work I came up with after analyzing other logos and implementing certain aspects into my own. Feel free to comment what is working and what is not.

So most of these are pretty terrible but inspiration is inspiration. If anything else, at least I see what not to do.

This is the only one I am a fan of.

No others really…