The Last Post

Well, it has been a good run. But the semester is ending and I need to focus on that whole future thing. I think it is only necessary that I direct you to my favorite logo blog so you can continue the fun. The logo factory has tons of great logo-centered posts. They venture through case files and other articles that are much longer and more interesting than my own (even though I know you had a blast on this page). Have fun!


Some teams move.

When a sports team moves, their logo does not. They need to completely revamp their logo to fit the new city where they reside. The New Jersey Nets did just this as they will be moving to Brooklyn at the start of next season. The final logo was finally revealed. Here is the verdict.



Not a bad change if you ask me. Simplicity truly shines here. Though it kind of reminds me of an AAU team logo, I am not going to hate on this. The font is just alright, the shield same is essentially the same, and the colors now match the Spurs but it’s nice that they took pieces of the old and created a much simpler new. Good job Nets. Maybe now you’ll have some revamped talent to go along with it.