App Logos

Because everything is going online and mobile, so will this post. We are all familiar with apps. We interact with them daily. Some more than others. What do they all have in common? They all have icons. So I thought we would review some app logos.

Do you know what logo this is? It is the app for Whole Foods. I like the simplicity of it and really boiling down Whole Foods to its essence BUT I did not recognize it from looking at it. This loss of recognition downgrades the simplicity this app logo provides.

This app logo is for RemotePad where you can control your mouse with your phone. Why you need that, I do not know. I enjoy the moving mouse graphic but from a glance it looks like a bunch of trees in snow.

This has to be a joke. Robert Andrew Salon and Spa was out of their mind when they thought any consumer would be able to read this on a small mobile screen. But not as much of a joke as this next one.

If this app was on my screen, I would quickly delete it even if it turned my phone into a microwave and cooked me meals. If I am scrolling through the app store, I might stop at this one. To Laugh! And then move on.

Haha clever concept. This bathroom locator is pretty funny but the background blue lines flying in at all directions is making it a little bit too crazy for my liking.

Look at your phone and see what icons are done poorly on your phone. Which are done great?



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