The buzz shall be talked about.

Brands, from brands, from brands. This post is not necessarily about logos as it is about an exciting visual of logos called The Illusion of Choice. So I will post it, let you “awe” about it, and continue with how awesome I think this is.

This allows us to see where all these brands we interact with everyday came from. Truth is, we are not choosing one brand over the other most of the time. The competition sparks sales. These are all smart and successful powerhouses. There is no need to say you cannot have preference for one product over another but all that money and industry is probably dominated by these super corporations. Blows….my….mine. A bit funny that Pepsi owns A&W fast food restaurants, but the A&W soft drink is owned by Kraft. The biggest surprises here for me are detergents, toothpastes, and gum.

This is interesting. I think so. You think so. End of post.


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