Freelance Work Continued…

Compromising your work is kind of rough. Being a designer, you know what looks best but sometimes the client has many suggestions that are “necessary” and “important.” For this project, I did not agree with all the changes and tweaks that were asked for but if the client was happy on this particular work, so was I. If it put money in the pocket, I am willing to do it. Here is what they wanted and so I provided. 

Lets evaluate the logo I made for this Austin start-up company.

The clients “must-haves” did not make it easy to be simple. Simplicity is absolutely lacking here. Yet, I’d say memorability is high thanks to the weirdness of the brand. You shall forever be haunted by this cross-dressing leprechaun. It definitely fits with the location. Austin is all about being weird and out there. I wish them the best of success and hope I put them one step closer to successful branding efforts.


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