Interests of the author.

Sure, I have a huge passion for advertising. Sure, I love design. Sure, I love logos. You could have easily figured this out by viewing a couple of my blog entries. But it may surprise you that I actually have other interests as well. Basketball is one of them. I am a huge fan of the NBA so I thought I would blog about it. The NBA logo was based off of a great player by the name of Jerry West. His silhouette is sadly known much better than he is with fans today. But I want to check out the evolution of some of my favorite team’s logos. Bare with me as this post is more for me than anything.

Being a Houston native, lets check out the Houston Rockets over the years. The 72′-95′ is my personal favorite.

The Heat made a smart update though these old logos truly bring back good memories.

Some changes more drastic than others.

Some teams have been around a while.

While some get more complicated each year. Horrible logo etiquette.

Thanks for your patience during my trip down logo-memory-lane. I’ve got to jet and go watch the game.


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