First Logo Redesigns of 2012

Once in a while, as stated before, logos need a revamp. Some have done just that to start of 2012. We have dived into the new JCPenney logo on a previous date and this is one that has made the steps necessary. It was ok, not too many improvements. American Red Cross has also made a change. Before they had the symbol for emergency and now it is more of an icon. Not too shabby of a job if I do say so myself. It is still kept simple.

Windows has confused me a bit. Their multi-color logo is extremely recognizable so to ditch that… not so sure it is a good idea. But simplicity definitely struck home with this one.

And with Jaguar, I am pleasantly surprised that moving away from simplicity actually works in this case. I feel like it has brought new life to the logo.

I’m sure many more logo revamps are to come this year. When brands are being revamped, yours better not get left behind in the game.


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