Lets get weird… just this once… maybe…

So while googling around and trying to figure out the next big thing to put on my blog, I came across an idea in the inner-brilliance of my mind. Weird logos. The article I read credits all of them as being “good.” I cannot say I completely agree but there is definitely a sense of weirdness amongst the bunch. Lets take a look.

Okay not so bad. Not convinced? Flip your computer upside down (without breaking it for I shall not be liable in the least) and see that the logo is the exact same upside down. Pretty clever Society 27 whatever you are.

London Symphony Orchestra. Do you see a fluid line first or the LSO lettering? I see a blob flexing but hey whatever suits your creative taste.

This is quoted to have an “excellent sense of depth” but I dare Metroplex for embroidering that on a polo shirt.

Okay finally something a little bit weirder. Not the biggest fan of maraca legs but, again, whatever suits you.

Rehabilitation Hospital of America. I like the overall concept of taking a known symbol for hospital and giving it steps to rehabilitation but I think it could be done in a better way. Still, there is some good thinking here.

Creepy… How is that for insight?

I have seen this done a few times. It is interesting to an extent but I’m sick of seeing logos go in this direction.

Please feel free to reply to this post with any other weird logos you find out there in cyberspace. I would love to look at them. This could be the start of a very interesting, unofficial research project.


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