Logo redesign of my own.

For my Portfolio class, I am doing a campaign on Fredi & Sons Bathrobes. Their logo is, to put it frankly, lacking. The “&” sign is a little too outrageous and my partner and I are not digging the font of the words. For this reason, a logo redesign is in effect. I am still at the beginning phases so do not label me as the worst logo maker ever quite yet. Here is the process so far. It is not where it needs to be but it is making pushes from the original.

The Original:

Step 2:

Step 3:

I’m still in the process of bettering it. Please send me feedback if you have any suggestions/questions/complaints.



Inspiration Post

This post is dedicated to inspiring. I am going to throw creativity at you and you will in-turn thank me. View, relax, and be inspired.

The more random logos you look at, the better idea you will have of what you like and do not like. Looking at countless examples of logo work is a big part of becoming more familiar with logo design. So keep looking, keep checking out my blog, and get logolized.

Interests of the author.

Sure, I have a huge passion for advertising. Sure, I love design. Sure, I love logos. You could have easily figured this out by viewing a couple of my blog entries. But it may surprise you that I actually have other interests as well. Basketball is one of them. I am a huge fan of the NBA so I thought I would blog about it. The NBA logo was based off of a great player by the name of Jerry West. His silhouette is sadly known much better than he is with fans today. But I want to check out the evolution of some of my favorite team’s logos. Bare with me as this post is more for me than anything.

Being a Houston native, lets check out the Houston Rockets over the years. The 72′-95′ is my personal favorite.

The Heat made a smart update though these old logos truly bring back good memories.

Some changes more drastic than others.

Some teams have been around a while.

While some get more complicated each year. Horrible logo etiquette.

Thanks for your patience during my trip down logo-memory-lane. I’ve got to jet and go watch the game.

Dirty Minds

When creating a logo, please examine it closely and make sure that it avoids a negative connotation in the viewers mind. Think dirty and if you can associate something with it, START OVER. Let me explain through visuals.

Archdiocesan Youth Commission


Office of Government Commerce

Arlington Pediatric Center

Institute Of Oriental Studies

Just trust me. That is not the kind of buzz you want about your brand.

Think dirty while you examine your work and scrap it if you laugh.

First Logo Redesigns of 2012

Once in a while, as stated before, logos need a revamp. Some have done just that to start of 2012. We have dived into the new JCPenney logo on a previous date and this is one that has made the steps necessary. It was ok, not too many improvements. American Red Cross has also made a change. Before they had the symbol for emergency and now it is more of an icon. Not too shabby of a job if I do say so myself. It is still kept simple.

Windows has confused me a bit. Their multi-color logo is extremely recognizable so to ditch that… not so sure it is a good idea. But simplicity definitely struck home with this one.

And with Jaguar, I am pleasantly surprised that moving away from simplicity actually works in this case. I feel like it has brought new life to the logo.

I’m sure many more logo revamps are to come this year. When brands are being revamped, yours better not get left behind in the game.

Want a logo of your own?

In a world bombarded with senseless design and makes-me-want-to-throw-up attempts to design a good logo, the best answer is to just make your own or consult in a professional. With one hour of basic indesign skills you can at least get started. Try Lynda.com or YouTube and learn. If laziness is a quality you posses, ask the pros. The last thing the world needs is more attempts at logos. Ultimately, what results is a series of symbols that look like they are trying too hard to convey a message. DO NOT consult in places like logogarden.com or cooltext.com as shortcuts. All you will receive is a joke vector image that only a five year old would think was cool (especially if it has flames). Keep it simple. Please. Thank you.

For around $50 I’ll happily give it a shot if you do not trust yourself to make things happen.

Lets get weird… just this once… maybe…

So while googling around and trying to figure out the next big thing to put on my blog, I came across an idea in the inner-brilliance of my mind. Weird logos. The article I read credits all of them as being “good.” I cannot say I completely agree but there is definitely a sense of weirdness amongst the bunch. Lets take a look.

Okay not so bad. Not convinced? Flip your computer upside down (without breaking it for I shall not be liable in the least) and see that the logo is the exact same upside down. Pretty clever Society 27 whatever you are.

London Symphony Orchestra. Do you see a fluid line first or the LSO lettering? I see a blob flexing but hey whatever suits your creative taste.

This is quoted to have an “excellent sense of depth” but I dare Metroplex for embroidering that on a polo shirt.

Okay finally something a little bit weirder. Not the biggest fan of maraca legs but, again, whatever suits you.

Rehabilitation Hospital of America. I like the overall concept of taking a known symbol for hospital and giving it steps to rehabilitation but I think it could be done in a better way. Still, there is some good thinking here.

Creepy… How is that for insight?

I have seen this done a few times. It is interesting to an extent but I’m sick of seeing logos go in this direction.

Please feel free to reply to this post with any other weird logos you find out there in cyberspace. I would love to look at them. This could be the start of a very interesting, unofficial research project.