Never too late for some history.

Though we are many posts into this blog, lets look back at the history of logos. I’m not a huge history buff but I feel some research was necessary to see where these logos have been. We’ll start with inventions that have aided into these symbols of meaning. Cylinder seals, coins, coats of arms, watermarks, and printing technology made logo development possible. Art expanded, storytelling through symbols expanded, and symbols to differentiate products expanded. Rouchon, Joseph Morse, Frederick Walker, and Jules Cheret helped in the development of using flat colors to illustrate imagery. Craftsmanship was a huge factor on determining a good logo in the past. Craftsmanship also sparked logos. If a piece of furniture was made, logos were used to symbolize the pieces credibility. Modernism pushed for simplicity and style in logos. Once multiple means of communication emerged in the visual realm, logos were everywhere. Television, newspapers, YOU NAME IT. I will not ramble anymore. If you are still interested in more history, hit up wikipedia. Okay maybe try googling it instead.


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