What font is right for your logo?

Font is obviously one of the most important elements of a brand because it gives the brand a voice. If I see Times New Roman outside of a college research paper once more, I will most likely report back to this post to bitch and complain. The font’s job is simple. First and foremost, make it eligible and scalable. If it cannot be read, ditch it. If I have to look at the same word three times to determine what it is, I’m not going to respond fondly. A good test to conduct is what I call (well, and many others call) the blink test. Place your logo in front of your face and blink once. Was it easily legible? Another important task is to check all the letters of the font that you will use and make sure that none look… well… horrible. Also, if your brand/company has a longer name, use a thinner or lighter font so it does not dominate your logo. Hope these tips helped.

Fonts are fun.


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