Lets see what the top brands are doing.

Would it not be cool to see some of the top brand’s logos and see what they have in common? Would it not be cool to examine the logos and see how they are recognizable? In case I was not rhetorical enough for you, yes it would be cool. Well Webson did us a favor and analyzed the top 100 global brands to see what their logos had in common. First a test, how many of the logos below do you recognize? 

I know 21/36. Not the greatest score. You may get more and for that “congrats.” Time for the statistics.

Out of 100 brands:

94 brands did not describe their product in the logo, 90 do not include a tag in the logo, 84 have a clean font style, 74 use only one color (not including black and white), 72 have a made up name or acronym, 66 are rectangular in shape, 62 are just one word.

I’m not saying this is the framework for success to make the best logo you can but take it for what it is worth. The more knowledgable the designer on what makes a good logo, the better logo he or she will make. Get logo makin’.


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