Thanks Sean

Some stories you search for. Some stories come to you. This particular article about JCPenney’s American-themed logo revamp was sent to me by my Art Direction Seminar Professor. The link is here but no need to leave this webpage. I’ll let you in on the details and conflicting opinions anyway. To provide some background, JCPenney’s logo has changed, changed, and changed again. A little over a year ago, the clothing giant hosted a contest with over 200 submitted designs to revamp their logo and, to be honest, I am stunned at the winner. I guess you could call that a transformation, but it’s almost-the-same appearance deemed the contest unnecessary. Anyways, enough with the rambling. Back to the article. Okay. Though the author of the article raves about the new logo and is probably a bit more credible than the opinion of a senior college student, I’m not the biggest fan. Yes, I love the simplicity. Yes, I like that it incorporates the stores American history and their cheesy Fair and Square motto (even though I don’t really think America when I see it and had no idea of what the square stood for before reading this article). Do I think it is groundbreaking, way more recognizable, and, as the author states, “damn impressive?” No. This logo is not versatile. How will it look in multiple spaces? By the looks of their new shopping bags, it is not a pleasant contrast to the background image’s colors.The red white and blue thing is overdone. Meet the NFL, Superman, the Underground logo in the post below, and Pepsi. Feels like a copout no matter what meaning you put behind it.  Each design has been better than the one before, slightly, but its not super impressive. I will be more than happy to enter the logo contest within the next couple years when this logo does not catch on like they had hoped.



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