Let’s start it off right

For my first post, I think it is extremely important that I hit a few things. This post has the potential to be boring but I assure you that it is indeed necessary. I created this blog because I want to become more knowledgable about one of the most important, consistently-overlooked pieces of advertising, the logo. Logos give a brand something that is extremely hard to get from anything else. That something is instant recognition. We are all familiar with the logo heavyweights (McDonald’s golden arches, Nike’s swoosh, and Apple’s…well… Apple). These are perfect examples of brand recognition that work. It is spectacular that a brand, no matter how complex, is immediately recognized by a simple symbol. Who knew that something so small in the corner of a print ad or so quickly viewed at the end of a TV spot could make such a large impact for a brand? Logos are fascinating. But don’t let me tell you, let me show you.




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